The History of our country comes from long ago ages of past where beautiful countrysides located in our fascinating Greece , people lived there peacefully in the garden of nature

Greece | Golden Visa Program

Greece | Golden Visa Program

Golden Visa is the name by which the Residence Permits obtainable by non-EU citizens who invest on Real Estate in Greece is known.

It is valid for as long as the holder owns Real Estate which meets the criteria for obtaining the Golden Visa. The need to renew it every five years no longer exists as such; however, the holder is responsible for proving, every 5 years, that he/she still owns property meeting the criteria for granting the right to a Golden Visa, otherwise it will be revoked.

The immediate family members of the buyer (husband or wife, children up to 21 years of age, parents, in-laws) are also entitled to obtaining Golden Visas, which will be renewed and expire at the same time as the buyer’s. The children can then apply independently for a 3 year renewal when they reach 21 years of age. Under specific circumstances (e.g. if they are enrolled to and attend a Greek University), the Golden Visa may be extended further while these circumstances last (subject to documented proof), but in any case not beyond 28 years of age.